Ambulance Warming Blankets


Manufacturer: MedWarm

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Warming Blanket - ideal for patient transportation.

The MedWarm blanket is specifically designed to be extremely easy to use. It can be powered by several means: battery, 12v vehicle supply or mains transformer. The heating pad is sealed inside a polyurethane cover so that cleaning is made easy.

Because of its technical peculiarities it uses very little power and if power use is an issue it can use its built-in batteries.

There are several sizes of heated transport blanket available:
Patient warming  is a critical issue regarding hypothermia  treatment in emergency and patient transport. The MedWarm will reach a temperature of 35°C in about 2-3 minutes. Internal thermal sensors automatically manage the temperature even in difficult situations.

The on -board-battery can maintain the blanket temperature for up to 4 hours without needing to be re-charged from mains electric supply.




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