Datalogging & Alarms for Refrigeration


MoniGard software is a new development from Monitherm Ltd and is designed to give its users improved clarity, accuracy, alarm function and reporting functions from the MoniMLS software used in the MLS2000 monitoring system. The new software uses Microsoft SQL as it’s database, which has many advantages over Microsoft Access, used in the MoniMLS software.  There are enhanced features including auto-backup and auto-archive as well as the facility to see 6 screens on the one display.


Real time graph layout allows the user to see up to 6 graphs at any one time.  This can be different areas or similar types of equipment or even different timescales.  The real time graphs are related to the room schematics and can be accessed by right clicking on one of the graph layouts at the bottom of the screen and selecting from the list which graph you would like on that screen. All the parameters for these graphs ie. Sensors, x and y axis scales are set up on the configuration screen for Room schematics in the MoniConfig program.

To see a real time graph in the large display at the top of the screen, just double click and it will be transferred.

To view alarms, click on the flashing Alarm light at the top of the screen and all active alarms will be displayed.  Remember you cannot dismiss alarms in MoniAnalyse; this must be done in MoniConfig.

REAL TIME GRAPHS SCREEN LAYOUT temperature monitrong alarm software REPORTS

The reporting function of the software is an intrinsic and very important element.  It allows the user to generate full data grid reports at various intervals, graphical reports together with statistical analysis, alarm reports and full audit trail reports for whatever period specified by the user.  The reports function is accessed through the Monigard Analyse program that can be run on as many desktops as desired and is started by clicking the “Reports” button.

The resulting window allows the user to select which sensors are required for the report and then the type of report required; either data report or alarms report. A date picker window is generated to set the period of the chosen report and then a check box is selected to generate either a data report or a statistical report with graphs.

The alarms report is generated to show all alarms recorded between certain dates, what they were, when acknowledged and who by and when the alarm situation was back within spec.

Audit trail reports  are generated by simply clicking on the audit trail button and picking the dates for which the report is required.


Report generation in the MoniGard software is both simple and comprehensive.  Several formats for reports are available:

Data Reports/     Alarm Reports/     Audit Trail/.

Within the Data reports are a tabular data grid report, a statistical report and the opportunity to save the data as a .csv file for export into other applications.

For an Audit Trail report, just click the audit trail button and a date pick window will appear.  Choose the dates for the report and OK.  The audit trail is generated and may be printed.

For other reports, click on the sensors required for the report and then choose the type of report required i.e. Alarms or Data.  Pick the dates from the screen and in the case of a data report, the interval between reported readings.

Several choices of intervals are given for the reports from the raw data to intervals of one reading per week.  In all instances of the reading interval being anything other than raw samples, there is true decimation of the readings in between and the statistical report together with the graphical report will give all the analysis of the figures.

The MoniGard system comprises MoniGard software together with a MoniGard data monitoring unit and MoniGard sensors as required for temperature, humidity, CO2, O2, door open sensors, etc. Systems are already in use in the NHS, university and pharmaceutical sites.


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