Warming Cabinets

Hospital Warming cabinets come in 3 different types:

  • Blanket warmers
  • Solution warmers
  • Fluid / lotion warmers or heated lotion cabinets

They are designed for use in hospital Operating Theatres, Accident and Emergency departments (A & E / casualty), and also maternity delivery suites. They are suitable for warming bottles, bags of fluid / saline, and blankets to 37.0°C or above.

Blankets warming cabinets: are predominantly used post-operatively in recovery wards and A&E. They are used to warm cotton blankets to prevent a sudden drop in core body temperature; help to maintain patient normothermia as well keep the patient more comfortable.

Fluid warming cabinets: are used for warming bags and bottles of Saline, and are predominantly used operating theatres, prep rooms. Hypothermia can be prevented through Fluid Warming intra-operatively.

Contrast media cabinets: are used in x-ray departments for CT, MRI, and catheterization. These are designed for safely warming bottles of contrast media to cre body temperature including warming ultrasound gel.

Fluid Warming Cabinet
Fluid Warming Cabinet

Warming cabinets can also be purchased with dual functionality such as a combination fluid/blanket warming cabinet. The all-in-one cabinets are desirable where space is limited, and can be more cost-effective.

Using a combination of warming cabinets can cut down hypothermia, risk to infection sites, and reduce hospital stay/re admissions.

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