Blood Bank Refrigerators


Manufacturer: Evermed

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Blood Bank Refrigerators



These new blood bank refrigerators are available in 11 different capacities, eight of which are available with Type 2 refrigeration.

Pass through versions of  models BBR 370 and BBR 530 are available. These blood bank refrigerators are MDD registered and CE marked. They are available with triple glazed or solid doors and drawers are supplied as standard. There is also a choice of white (standard) or stainless steel finishes.

Model BBR 110 is available in two configurations - bench top with the controls at the bottom and under bench with controls at the side. Some models are available in pass-through style (ie between lab and corridor).

The PRO controller is fitted as standard and this allows interaction with the control settings, remote alarm connections and retrieval of stored data.

Model Number Capacity  No of Drawers
BBR 110 H W PRO UP to 48 Bags 2 Drawers
BBR 110 V W PRO Up to 48 Bags 2 Drawers
BBR 130 W PRO Up to 81 Bags 3 Dawers
BBR 270 W PRO Up to 96 Bags 4 Drawers
BBR 370 W PRO Up to 144 Bags 6 Draweers
BBR 440 W PRO Up to 180 Bags 6 Drawers
BBR 530 W PRO Up to 280 Bags 7 Drawers
BBR 625 W PRO Up to 336 Bags 7 Drawers
BBR 925 W PRO Up to 360 Bags 12 Drawers
BBR 1160 W PRO Up to 560 Bags 14 Drawers
BBR 1365 W PRO Up to 672 Bags 14 Drawers
BBR 2100 W PRO Up to 1008 Bags 21 Drawers



Key features :

  • Triple layer glass doors
  • PRO control panel and temperature chart recorder
  • Stainless steel drawers including dividers
  • LED internal lighting
  • Forced-air refrigeration
  • Automatic defrost for evaporation and condensation elimination
  • MDD Registered.







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