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DWS Downflow Workstation


Designed specially to provide users with a small bench top unit offering unrestricted access to the work area for those operations that cannot be easily performed using a conventional fume cupboard. Provides optimum user-protection as the down flow of air moves contamination away from the user’s breathing zone. Should the airflow fall to an unacceptable level an alarm will alert the user.

  • Perforated stainless steel work surface is removable for ease of cleaning and access to the pre-filter
  • Spillage tray.
  • lluminated work area

*  Totally self-contained downflow
*  Non-polluting and energy efficient
*  Easy to install (saves time)
*  No ducting required (saves money)
*  Easy to clean spillages
*  Low airflow warns operator to replace filter

*  Forensics
*  Industrial
*  Dental Labs
*  Chemistry Labs
*  Histology & Cytology
*  Veterinary Hospitals
*  Pharmaceuticals


The main filter can be chosen from a carbon filter to remove formaldehyde and other malodorous vapours or a HEPA filter to remove particulates.

These units are energy saving. Clean air is re-circulated into the workspace, therefore, they do not exhaust expensive conditioned and/or heated air into the atmosphere.

External dimensions of 820h x 700w x 600 deep mm. Internally it has a work area 680 x 530mm.
Options: If a longer unit is required several W700 units can be placed together to give a continuous run of ventilated work surface.







Product Code: DWS Downflow Workstation

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