Fluid Warming Blanket Combination Cabinets


Manufacturer: QED Scientific

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QED Scientific Combination Fluid & Blanket Warming Cabinets


Two compartment cabinets with individual digital control systems. As well as being a cost-effective solution - these popular combi warmers are ideal where space is an issue in hospital theatres and wards. Hold 1 litre bottles.


Available in 12 different capacities. We can also custom build to customer specifications and  requirements.



Model No of Bottles & Blankets
FW50/BW75CC/WH 15 Bottles x 5 Blankets
FW75/BW75/CC/WH 25 Bottles x 4 Blankets
FW75/BW120/CC/WH 25 Bottles x 6 Blankets
FW/BW210/CC/WH 25 Bottles x 10 Blankets
FW120BW120/CC/WH 30 Bottles x 6 Blankets
FW120/BW150/CC/WH 30 Bottles x 8 Blankets
FW120/BW240/CC/WH 30 Bottles x 16 Blankets
FW130/BW130/CC/WH * 50 Bottles x 10 Blankets
FW130/BW210/CCWH ** 50 Bottles x 10 Blankets
FW150/BW150/CC/WH 60 Bottles x 8 Blankets
FW210/BW150W/CC/WH 70 Bottles x 8 Blankets
FW220/BW250/CC/WH 70 Bottles x 16 Blankets








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