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Fluid warming cabinets



Also known as solution warming cabinets, lotion warming cabinets, or heated lotion cabinets) are designed for use in hospital operating theatres for warming bottles or bags of fluid to body temperature or above. They meet the last working version of BS5076. It is considered good practice to warm fluids prior to use as this helps to maintain patient core temperature. This is especially important in critical care areas such as Theatres, ITU & A&E.



  • 16 standard sizes of fluid warmer available, all with digital microprocessor control                          
  •  Capacities range from 6 half litre bottles up to 180 1-litre bottles
  •  All models can accommodate standard fluid bags up to 3 litres if preferred
  •  Accessories include special baskets for bags, alarms, and stands
  •  Custom-built to your specific requirements
  •  Combination cabinets available (cost effective - saving you space and money)
  •  CE Certified device.



FLUID WARMING CABINETS: Digital control. Automatic overheat Protection. With solid or glass door.


Models Bottles Bags
FW30-ECO Small + sachets only N/A
FW40-ECO 9 x 1 Litre bottles N/A
FW50-ECO 15 x 1 Litre bottles 4 x 3 Litre bags
FW52-ECO 16 x 1 Litre bottles 2 x 3 litre bags
FW75-ECO 25 x 1 Litre bottles 4 x 3 Litre bags
FW120-ECO 30 x 1 Litre bottles 4 x 3 Litre bags
FW130-ECO 50 x 1 Litre bottles 8 x 3 Litre bags
FW150-ECO 60 x 1 Litre bottles 12 x 3 Litre bags
FW210-ECO 70 x 1 Litre bottles 18 x 3 Litre bags
FW240-ECO 90 x 1 Litre bottles 24 x 3 Litre bags
FW280-ECO 98 x 1 Litre bottles 32 x 3 Litre bags
FW350-ECO 147 x 1 Litre bottles 48 x 3 Litre bags
FW355-ECO WH 150 x 1 Litre bottles 40 x 3 Litre bags
FW440/-ECOWH 180 x 1 Litre bottles 50 x 3 Litre bags
FW575/-ECOWH 200 x 1 Litre bottles 60 x 3 Litre bags


Drawer Models - top mounted controls with overheat protection


Models Bottles  Drawers
FW-1D-ECO 20-25 FW-1D-ECO 20-25 1
FW-2D-ECO 40-50 FW-2D-ECO 40-50 2
FW-3D-ECO 60-75 FW-3D-ECO 60-75 3






We also manufacture Combination Fluid Blanket Warming Cabinets


Use of Fluid Warming Cabinets are proven effective in the prevention of post-operative hypothermia...


A randomized blind study concluded that patients administered fluid via an in-line warming device and those patients that received fluid from a warming cabinet had equally effective core body temperature results and preventative peri-operative hypothermia.  Hypothermia can even occur when the core body temperature drops below just one-tenth of a degree less than the normal body temperature range (36°C to 38°C). Fluid warming cabinets are considered to be an essential component of peri-operative temperature management and are cost-effective alternatives to infusion and in-line fluid warming devices. The guidelines set out by the health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) for fluid warming, advice that fluid administered to all patients whether during short or prolonged anaesthesia should be warmed to 37.0C.


Ref: Dr J. Andrzejowski  - Consultant Anaesthetist, Specialist Registrar, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, UK.




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