Formalin Storage Cabinets


Manufacturer: Circulaire

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Product Information

A safe solution for Formalin Storage


Evaporation from drips and open containers contributes considerably to poor air quality within the laboratory. Some chemicals, for example formalin, are known to cause respiratory problems or are cancerous to humans so safe handling and storage is essential. These safe storage chemical cabinets remove vapours, purify the laboratory air and enhance the long-term health of laboratory personnel.

These units operate at low noise levels and because they recirculate the air they do not exhaust contaminated and expensive conditioned and/or heated air into the atmosphere.

The main filter is available from 14 different  types of carbon that include speciality media for vapours of organics, solvents,acids, mercury and formaldehyde. Particulate filters are also available to suit your application. 5 model sizes are available.

Using different filters will allow other chemicals to be stored safely.

*Floor-standing and Bench models Available.


Model External Dimensions  (W x D x H)
34S 34" x 20" x 29" 864 x 508 x 737 mm
34T 34" x 24" x 79" 864 x 610 x 2007 mm
64S 64" x 24" x 79" 1626 x 610 x 2007 mm






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