Hico Patient Cooling Heatng Water Blankets


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Product Information

Patients’ needing optimum temperature regulation such as when undergoing surgery or requiring intensive care often depends on heating and cooling devices to regulate core body temperatures. Applying a warm or cool surface to a patient’s skin is a proven way to regulate and maintain desired core body temperatures.

Temperature regulated water is evenly distributed around the mat ensuring that a patient’s temperature is controlled effectively and safely. The blankets - made from polyurethane feel soft and comfortable against the skin and can easily be cleaned with the use of antibacterial wipes, or disinfected/soapy water.


Blankets - available sizes:


  • 60 × 70 cm (REF 55 00 25)
  • 120 × 70 cm (REF 55 00 26)



  • Hose extension approx. 2,5 m (REF 55 00 22)



For use with: Hico Control Units




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