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Heated Mattresses in Operating Theatres


The main causes of peri operative hypothermia are anaesthetic drug action side effect, room temperature and post trauma shock. Recent clinical studies outlined that hypothermia is often associated with the increase of severe complications such as post-opinfections and cardiac disease. The direct consequence of this is increased hospitalization and drug use, and this can adversely affect the budgets.

Various types of system have been tried including passive warming (insulating blankets to reduce the loss of body heat) and active approaches (warm air, warm water, heat lamps, etc). All too often these systems do not perform as expected, preparation time can be lengthy, equipment cumbersome, cleaning difficult and overall cost effectiveness questionable.  The ideal product should be technically efficient, easily transportable, versatile enough to be used almost anywhere, safe for patient and staff alike, easy to disinfect and with a cost/benefit ratio definitely advantageous when compared with existing alternative systems.

A newly developed technology allows the manufacture of a special fabric able to efficiently support treatment against hypothermia and the maintenance of normothermia in any situation. This is proving superior to carbon fibre and heated jelly types. Carbon micro filament heating bundles are woven into a tough polyester fabric to produce a heating mattress sheet that is soft, easy
to handle lightweight mattress fabric.

Use of the MedWarm mattress is so simple - just by plugging it in the heating mattress warms to the desired operating temperature  selected on the controller that has a range up to to 42°C. The heating takes place over the whole of the mattress surface, safely  warming the patient through thermal conduction.  The mattress is placed directly on the operating table then covered with a non- woven protective sheet. The radio-lucent features of carbon and polyester allow their use even during X-ray scanning.

Heated mattresses are available in three standard sizes and are connected to a compact controller.






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