Moist Towel Warmer


Manufacturer: QED Scientific

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Product Information

Towel Warmer: Ideal for warming most towel packs prior to bathing.


The QED Mini Towel Warmer is the ideal answer to warming moist bathing towels in their packets safely up to 60°C - nice and warm but not too warm. Using microwave ovens to warm towels is unsafe and must not be used as heating is unregulated and can result in some very hot areas that cause burns.

The QED Mini Towel Warmer is fitted with two baskets to hold the towel packs and there is a UV light to help with infection control, especially important when the warmer is used on critical care wards. Designed to be left switched on continuously so that warm towels are always ready as the need arises.


Ideal for use on:

  • wards
  • intensive care
  • surgical wards
  • medical wards
  • all clinics
  • A&E departments
  • critical care
  • maternity wards





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