Neonatal Radiant Warmer


Manufacturer: Phoenix

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Neonatal Radiant Warming Unit




  • Infrared (IR) radiation for uniform warmth rapidly covering the entire cot area.
  • Adjustable IR unit for different heights.
  • Swivelled cot option to allow for X-rays.
  • Quick temperature visual on easy to read LED display panel
  • Fail-proof temperature display includes a battery back-up in case of power failures.
  • Unit provides rapid radiant warmth to infants suffering from critical heat loss.
  • Unit is fitted with castors, user friendly and easily portable, catering for all hospital departments including labour and neonatal ICUs.  
  • It is suitable for all environments from labour rooms to neonatal ICUs.


The Phoenix infant bassinets:  BAS-100 or BAS-101 are ideal to use with this unit.



Phoenix is an award winning pioneering manufacturer of neonatal medical devices. Primarily specializing in critical and intensive care equipment, Phoenix paves the way for innovative and quality products at cost-effective prices.


QED Scientific is a sole UK distributor of Phoenix neonatal equipment.




Product Code: NWS101

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