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There is evidence of fewer incidences of surgical wound infections if patients are kept warm pre-operatively. Similarly, conclusive evidence
shows that patients recover faster, in greater comfort and can be discharged sooner if they are kept warm post-operatively.

 *Keeping patients warm is always considered best practice*.

These cabinets offer safe warming of operating theatre cotton blankets. The temperature can be set up to 80°C with the protection of an over-temperature safety cut-out. (a blanket at 80°C will not cause discomfort to patients). Wire baskets ensure that air can move freely around the blankets to warm them faster. A circulation fan is fitted to optimise this.

Glazed viewing panels, shelves and mobile stands are available. We are able to economically manufacture blanket warmers to almost any size if necessary! New ECO models are more energy efficient versions.


Model BW50 holds 2 blankets in 1 basket
Model BW75 holds about 4 blankets in 1 basket
Model BW120 holds about 6 blankets in 1 basket
Model BW130 holds about 8 blankets in 2 baskets
Model BW210/WH holds about 10 blankets 2 baskets
Model BW240/WH holds about 16 blankets in 4 baskets
Model BWH120 holds 20 blankets. 2 baskets. Under bench
Model BW355/WH holds about 25 blankets in 5 baskets
Model BW440/WH holds about 30 blankets in 5 baskets
Model BW500/WH has a capacity of 17 cu ft. in 5 baskets.




We also provide combined fluid/warming cabinets - Available in many capacities.




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Blanket Warmer lasted for 10 years!

"Very happy with our products, they last a long time". Ordered another one.

Dr. Aruni S :: 28 Apr 2015, 11:31

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