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Patient Warming - A cost-effective Solution


To fully implement the NICE directive will cost the NHS dearly - estimates are in the order of £20million + annually.

Switching to the MedWarm system will give savings of up to 80% compared with forced air systems.

In money terms this is real savings of around £10,000 per theatre per year!

Medwarm have developed a range of patient warming soloutions including blankets, mattresses, and all-in-one warming systems.

The MedWarm range is re-usable so it can be used on all patients without any additional cost, meaning that  hospitals on tight budgets will be able to afford to warm all patients - meeting NICE recommendations.


The latest guidelines from NICE are in favour of using IV fluid warming in conjunction with heated blankets pre, during and immediately post surgery. If the period of anaesthesia lasts more than 30 minutes the patient must (in most instances) be actively warmed to prevent complications from hypothermia.

We supply equipment that helps theatre staff meet these criteria - blood warmers, fluid warmers and heated blankets that when combined together make it much easier to maintain optimum patient temperature management, give maximum patient comfort and help prevent perioperative hypothermia under all circumstances.

Research has shown beyond any doubt that conductive (resistive) heated blankets can transfer up to twice as much warmth to your patients when compared to the old fashioned forced air warming (FAW) types. The reason is a combination of factors but primarily temperature differential and contact area. A stiff blanket (such as a hot air blanket or some conductive ones) is not going to have much surface area in contact with the patient and we all know that warm air is far less effective at transferring heat when compared with a more flexible heating blanket. Using the MedWarm system it is common to have a core body temperature of around 36.5C at the end of a lengthy procedure, and now you know why!


Within your hospital:

*Are you currently routinely warming all patients peri-operatively?

*How many theatres do you have in total?

*How many recovery beds do you have?

*How many procedures in total in an average year?

*What % of all procedures have an anaesthesia period over 30 minutes?

*Roughly what is the average price you are paying for a disposable forced air blanket?

*Do you ever use more than one disposable blanket per patient?

*Roughly how much are you spending annually on forced air blankets?

*How many theatres are routinely using a heated mattress?

If you would like to know how much you could potentially save by switching to MedWarm please contact us and we will work out a cost-effective solution for your department.


Are you currently warming patients before surgery?

Are you currently warming patients in transit from theatre to ward?

Are you currently warming patients when back on the ward?


Let us know and we can help with these as well.


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