Platelet Incubators


Manufacturer: Nuve

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Product Information

Platelet Incubator Agitator - Combined


These platelet incubation models give reliable storage.   Agitator capacity: 54 bags. They can come complete with a quality incubator to take one or two agitators. The platelet incubator is fitted with digital temperature control set at 22°c and a chart recorder. Agitators are fitted with motion failure warning and the incubators have an overheat warning with remote alarm connections. The smaller incubator can be placed on the floor or on a bench.


Key Features:


  • Control Temp. +22°C
  • Stability typically +/-0.5°C
  • Temperature deviation alarm
  • Chart recorder
  • Microprocessor control
  • Remote alarm contacts
  • Glazed door
  • Internal power outlets.


Medical Device (MDD) Registered 93/42/EEC




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