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NEW! QED Scientific Reagent Refrigerators


These laboratory fridges have been developed to offer safe storage for most types of laboratory product from reagents and samples to test kits and items that require refrigeration. Our laboratory refrigerator range includes glass door models, all lockable, and having digital controls with internal fans to maintain a stable storage temperature.

Replacing the standard digital controller with a multi function digital controller that has audible and visual high/low alarms, minimum/maximum temperature store and remote alarm connections is a common option.

Door switches and thermostats are housed outside the chamber, fans are of an induction type to make these fridges internally spark-free in normal use. For increased safety all containers stored, especially those containing volatile substances, must be kept tightly closed.

For added security all fridges have a keyed door lock fitted. This can optionally be replaced with a digital code lock.

For complete control over storage conditions we offer multi-channel wire-free temperature monitoring systems as well as ballasted stand-alone loggers


Models Available:


Model QFR30G a 30 litres, glazed lockable door External: 521h x 445w x 491d mm

Model QFR150G c 150 Litres, glazed lockable door External: 850h x 600w x 610d mm

Model QFR150 150 litres, solid lockable door External: 850h x 600w x 610d mm

Model QFR300G e 300 litres, glazed lockable door External: 1563h x 595w x 608d mm








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