Stability Test Cabinets


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Stability test cabinets designed to meet ICH requirements for shelf-life and  pharmaceutical  testing.

They also have applications elsewhere in industrial research, quality control, seed germination and  areas as conditioning ovens, conditioning cabinets or shelf life testing cabinets.
Other Names Include:
Humidity cabinets, Stability cabinets, Shelf life testing cabinets, Environmental cabinets, Humidity chambers, Stability chambers, Climatic cabinets, Environmental chambers
Conditioning cabinets, Conditioning ovens, Diurnal growth cabinets, Plant growth cabinets, Seed germination cabinets
These UK made stability cabinets are of a more basic design so that they really are an excellent hard working cabinet in any testing facility. They all have an ultrasonic humidifier fed either from the built-in water reservoir (manually filled) or with a low pressure auto-fill system fed from a deioniser unit. A low water alarm and safety cut-off are fitted. Other models are also available.
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Cooling as standard
  • Dehumidification as standard
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Cable access ports as standard
  • Microprocessor control of temp & humidity
  • Pulsed cooling for super accurate temp control
  • Ultrasonic fine mist humidity generator

Options Include:    
  • Dual temperature/humidity cycling
  • Data output for PC connection
  • Water supply options



Excel 140/RH                  140 litres

Excel 645/RH                  645 litres




Product Code: Exc- 140/645

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