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QED Scientific ‘CRT Storage cabinets


For medicines that are not normally stored in a fridge manufacturers generally guarantee that they remain stable if stored below 25 degrees Celsius (25°C. In a heatwave, ambient temperatures may rise above this. To protect these medicines, QED Scientific now supplies a range of CRT ‘controlled room temperature’ cabinets that operate between 15°C to 25°C.


These cabinets are an ideal cost-effective solution for departments that don’t want the expense of air conditioning, yet struggle to maintain recommended storage temperature for non-refrigerated medicines. As well as offering safe storage conditions for drugs requiring below 25°C storage, they cut out the need for relying on room thermometer readouts, and of course daily temperature monitoring and logging.


Sizes & Capacities Available:


Model Litres Door Type External Measurements
CRT30G 30 glazed lockable door 521h x 445w x 491d mm
CRT60G 60 glazed lockable door 620h x 510w x 510d mm
CRT60 60 solid door 620h x 510w x 510d mm
CRT150G 150 glazed lockable door 850h x 600w x 610d mm
CRT150 150 solid lockable door 850h x 600w x 610d mm
CRT290 290 solid lockable door 1635h x 595w x 600d mm
CRT300G 300 glazed lockable door 1563h x 595w x 608d mm
CRT400G 385 glazed lockable door 1823h x 595w x 608d mm
CRT400 400 solid lockable door 1850h x 600w x 600d mm
CRT525G 525 glazed lockable door 2020h x 690w x 635d mm
CRT550 550 solid lockable door 1720h x 775w x 720d mm
CRT960G 960 glazed lockable doors 1950h x 1200w x 660d mm
CRT960 960 solid lockable doors 1950h x 1200w x 660d mm
CRT1110G 1110 glazed lockable doors 2020h x 1360w x 635d mm
CRT1410 1410 solid lockable doors 2010h x 1480w x 850d mm

















Other models are available to special order




FEATURES - ALL MODELS: Digital controller Remote alarm contacts High and low alarms - audible and visual - with mute Minimum and maximum temperature recorded since last clear Options:


internal data logger with PC download or wireless transmission to central data store, controlled drug compartment, wall fixings, calibration certificate, controlled drug compartment, digital door lock, etc..






Product Code: CRT-cbts

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