Wire-Free Monitoring Alarm System


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Data logger - computer based

Besides this system having outstanding technical capabilities and performance, a really simple installation is all is required to get it up and running,
  • From 2 to 200+ transmitters on one system in one building
  • Transmitting range up to 200m from transmitter to the receiver
  • Takes about 10 minutes to install - so easy there is no need to pay for an engineer to do it
  • User configurable to identify each transmitter, set high and low alert and alarm levels, set logging frequency
  • Logs all changes and alerts to system including out of range, lost and resumed transmission
  • Allows input notes against any any alert warning
  • Each logger will store up to 30,000 readings if necessary.
  • If the logger cannot download data to the receiver it will automatically download stored data at the next communion opportunity and seamlessly add it to the data record so that nothing is lost.
  • Data can be seen in real time as a list or graph and you can zoom in on selected sections of the graph.
  • Ideal for Blood bank refrigerators Plasma freezers Plasma thawers Platelet incubators
  • Pharmacy fridges Pharmacy CRT cabinets Sample freezers
  • Patient sample fridges Ward refrigerators Reagent fridges
  • Laboratory incubators Laboratory ovens Liquid nitrogen stores
  • Industrial ovens Climatic chambers (°C and %RH)
  • Walk-in hot rooms Walk-in cold rooms
  • Probes are available for -196°C to +850°C. Humidity / temperature -40°C to +70°C, 0 to 100%RH


NOTE:  A cloud -based option is also available. Please contact us for more information on these systems.

Product Code: WF-AS

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